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Defence news from Greece and Cyprus

‘Icarus’ at night flying with F-4s

The Friends of the Air Force “Icarus” Association is a non-profit association. Its orientation is not only in promoting the aviation idea but…

October 1, 2011 / No Comment / Read More

Report: Israel scrambles IAF warplanes toward Turkish ship

Turkish media reports claim Israeli F-15s approached Turkish research vessel near contested Cyprus drilling area. Israel Defense Forces jet fighters were scrambled toward a…

September 30, 2011 / 1 Comment / Read More


Breaking News

HAF rescuing illegal immigrants

On Friday, September 23, 2011 at 8:12 a Super Puma helicopter of the Air Force took off from the 117 Combat Wing / Andravida AB, to rescue illegal immigrants aboard a boat sailing 90 nautical miles southwest of the islands Strofades. The helicopter completed the…

Retired officers end defence ministry protest

A group of retired army officers, who had broken into the forecourt of the defence ministry in a protest over pensions, left the premises on Friday afternoon after handing over a resolution containing their demands. As they left, the ex-officers announced that their protest would…

Felony charges against 29 individuals in sub case

An eight-count felony indictment was filed against 29 individuals on Thursday by an Athens first instance court prosecutor investigating the purchase of four German-made submarines (type 214). Charges include aggravated active bribery of public officials; complicity to bribe against six individuals; passive bribery against ten…

INTRACOM Defense Electronics expands its cooperation with RAYTHEON Missile Systems, with a $1.9 million contract

INTRACOM Defense Electronics expands its cooperation with RAYTHEON Missile Systems, with a $1.9 million contract, in the frame of the RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) surface-to-air missile program, by manufacturing electronic units of the infrared seeker. Deliveries will be completed by December 2012 and an option…

Is Turkey Going Rogue?

Newly Islamist leadership threatens the entire Middle East. In a Middle East wracked by coups d’état and civil insurrections, the Republic of Turkey credibly offers itself as a model, thanks to its impressive economic growth, democratic system, political control of the military, and secular order.…



Corifo Village Acharavi Old Village, Acharavi, Greece
Lena Mare Boutique Hotel Acharavi Acharavi, Acharavi, Greece


Adamas Hotel Adamas, Adamas (Milos), Greece


Lakki Village Amorgos Aegiali, Aegiali, Greece


Afitis Hotel Afitos Halkidiki, Afytos, Greece
Stamos Hotel Afitos Afitos, Áfitos, Greece

Agia Anna

Iria Beach Art Hotel Agia Anna Main Street, Agia Anna Naxos, Greece

Agia Marina

Blue Fountain Hotel Aegina Agia Marina, Agia Marina Aegina, Greece

Agia Paraskevi

Ostria Aparthotel Agia Paraskevi Agia Paraskevi, Agia Paraskevi, Greece

Agia Pelagia (Crete)

Blue Bay Resort & Spa Hotel Agia Pelagia Main Street, Agia Pelagia, Greece
Chc Athina Palace Resort & Spa Agia Pelagia Made, Agia Pelagia (Crete), Greece
Happy Cretan Aparthotel Agia Pelagia Agia Pelagia, Agia Pelagia, Greece
Hotel & Village Panorama Po Box 1356, Pelagia Beach 11, Agia Pelagia (Crete), Greece
Nicolas Villas Agia Pelagia Agia Pelagia, Agia Pelagia, Greece
Peninsula Hotel Agia Pelagia P.O. Box: 1215, Agia Pelagia (Crete), Greece
Thalia Apartments Agia Pelagia Agia Pelagia, Agia Pelagia (Crete), Greece

Agios Gordios

Danae Apartments Agios Gordios Agios Gordios, Agios Gordios, Greece
Golden Nests Hotel Agios Gordios Agios Gordios, Agios Gordios (Corfu), Greece
Lord Complex Hotel Agios Gordios St Georges South, , Agios Gordios (Corfu), Greece
Mazis Apartments Agios Gordios Agios Gordios, Agios Gordios, Greece
Panorama Hotel Agios Gordios Agios Gordios, Agios Gordios, Greece
The Pink Palace Hotel Agios Gordios Agios Gordios, Corfu, Agios Gordios (Corfu), Greece

Agios Prokopios

Camara Hotel Agios Prokopios Main Street, Agios Prokopios, Greece
Camara Hotel Agios Prokopios Main Street, Agios Prokopios, Greece
Liana Hotel Agios Prokopios Agios Prokopios , Agios Prokopios, Greece
Villa Adriana Hotel Agios Prokopios Main Street, Agios Prokopios, Greece

Amoudara (Crete)

Georgia Hotel Amoudara Vagias 10, Amoudara Herakliou, Greece
Lambi Hotel Amoudara Melinas Merkouri 711-10 Ammoudara, 71110, Heraklion-Amoudara, Amoudara, Greece
Lili Hotel Amoudara Melinas Merkouri Street, Amoudara Herakliou, Greece


Bali Beach & Village Bali I Rethymno, Bali (Crete), Greece
Bali Mare Hotel Crete Bali, Milopotamou, Rethymnon, Bali (Crete), Greece
Bali Star Resort Boutique Hotel Bali, 74057, Bali (Crete), Crete, Greece Bali (Crete), Crete, Greece 74057 Bali (Crete), Crete, Greece, Bali (Crete), Greece
Sunset Hotel Apartments Bali Bali Area, Bali (Crete), Greece


Glyfa Apartments Barbati Main Street, Barbati, Greece
Paradise Apartments Barbati Barbati, Barbati, Greece


Aronis Apartments Benitses Benitses, Benitses, Greece
Bella Vista Hotel Benitses Lichnos, Párga, Greece
Benitses Bay View Hotel Gastouri Benitses, Benitses (Corfu), Greece
Corfu Maris Bellos Hotel Benitses , Benitses (Corfu), Greece
Elli-Marina Studios & Apartments Benitses Benitses, Benitses (Corfu), Greece
Benitses Arches Hotel Benitses, Benitses, Greece
Karina Hotel Benitses Benitses, Corfu Island, Benitses, Greece


Antonios Studios Aparthotel Rhodes 14Klm Rodou-Lindou, Faliraki, Greece
Argo Hotel Faliraki Faliraki, Faliraki, Greece
Calypso Beach Hotel Faliraki Main Street, Faliraki, Greece
Elarin Aparthotel Faliraki Agisandou Str., Faliraki, Greece
Hercules Hotel Faliraki Faliraki, Faliraki, Greece
Hillside Studios & Apartments Faliraki Faliraki, Faliraki, Greece
Mitsis Faliraki Beach Hotel Rhodes Faliraki, Faliraki, Greece
Olympia Sun Hotel Faliraki Rhodes ,Faliraki, 85105, Faliraki, Faliraki, Greece
Orion Hotel Faliraki Kallithea Avenue, Faliraki, Greece
Rose Hotel Faliraki 85105, Faliraki, Greece
Venezia Resort Faliraki Kalithies, P.O. Box 272, Faliraki, Greece
Venezia Resort Faliraki Kalithies, P.O. Box 272, Faliraki, Greece


Adamis Majesty Suites Santorini Fira Town-Ypapantis Str-Santorini Island-Cyclades-, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Aigialos Hotel Traditional Settlement Fira Ipapantis And St Minas, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Anessis Apartments Fira Fira, Fira, Greece
Anteliz Suites Fira Fira, Fira, Greece
Antithesis Hotel Fira Caldera Cliff, Fira, Greece
Antonia Hotel Fira Fira, Fira, Greece
Aroma Suites Santorini Agiou Mina, Fira, Greece
Atlantis Hotel Fira Fira Town, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Danae Villa Fira Fira, Fira, Greece
El Greco Palace Hotel & Spa Fira Fira, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Fira Calm Hotel Fira , Fira, Greece
Fira Deep Blue Suite Fira Town , Fira (Santorini), Greece
Golden Star Hotel Fira Main Street, Fira, Greece
Sunrise Hotel Santorini Fira, Fira, Greece
Hotel Thira Fira Main Street, Fira, Greece
Kamares Apartments Fira Fira, Fira, Greece
Nomikos Villas Fira Main Street, Fira, Greece
Panorama Santorini Boutique Hotel Fira Ipapantis Walkway, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Pantelia Suites Santorini Mitropoleos, Fira, Greece
Pelican Hotel Fira Fira, Gr-84700, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Romantic Spa Resort Fira Main Street, Fira, Greece
Santorini Palace Hotel Fira Town, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Theoxenia Hotel Fira Fira Town, Fira (Santorini), Greece
Theoxenia Boutique Hotel Fira Fira Town, Caldera (Via D'Oro) , Fira (Santorini), Greece
Villa Murano Santorini Fira, Fira, Greece
Villa Renos By Resort Bookings Fira 2 Kato Fira Santorini Island, Fira (Santorini), Greece


Apollon Apartments Kalamata Akrogiali, Messinia, Akrogiali, Peloponnese, Pelop, Greece
Belvedere Hotel Kalamata Vergas , Kalamata, Greece
Comfy Boutique Hotel Kalamata Kritis & Vyronos , Kalamata, Greece
Elite City Resort Kalamata 2, Navarinou Street, Kalamata, Greece
Filoxenia Kalamata Hotel Navarinou Street, Kalamata, Greece
Galaxy Hotel Kalamata Kolokotroni 16, Kalamata, Greece
Horizon Blu Hotel Kalamata Navarinou 217, Kalamata, Greece
Mantinia Bay Aparthotel Kalamata Mikri Mantineia, Kalamata, Greece
Messinian Bay Hotel Kalamata Main Street, Kalamata, Greece
Pharae Palace Hotel Kalamata Navarinou & Riga Feraiou, Kalamata, Greece
Rex Hotel Kalamata Aristomenous 26, Kalamata, Greece


28 Hotel Kamari Kamari, Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Afroditi Venus Hotel Kamari Main Street, Kamari, Greece
Alesahne Beach Hotel Kamari Kamari, Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Alitana Boutique Hotel Kamari Kamari, Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Beach Boutique Hotel Kamari Kamari, Kamari, Greece
Bellonias Villas Kamari Kamari, Kamari, Greece
Crown Suites Kamari Kamari, Kamari, Greece
Fomithea Aparthotel Kamari Main Street, Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Horizon Resort Kamari Emm. N. Bambakousi, Kamari, Greece
Kamari Blu Hotel Kamari, Kamari (Santorini), Greece
La Mer Deluxe Hotel & Spa Kamari Ermou street , Kamari, Greece
Mediterranean Royal Hotel Kamari Agia Paraskevi, Kamari, Greece
Nostos Hotel Kamari Kamari, Kamari, Greece
Rk Beach Hotel Kamari Kamari, Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Santellini Hotel Santorini Kamari, Kamari, Greece
Seaside Beach Hotel Kamari Kamari , Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Studios Marios Aparthotel Kamari Makedonias Street, Kamari, Greece
Sunshine Hotel Santorini Kamari , Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Tamarix Del Mar Hotel & Suites Kamari Kamari Po Box 5360, Kamari (Santorini), Greece
The Boathouse Hotel And Studios Santorini Kamari Beach Rd , Kamari (Santorini), Greece
Villa Angira Kamari Kamari, Kamari (Santorini), Greece


Karfas Sea Apartments Karfas, Karfas, Greece


Oceanis Hotel Karpathos Pigadia , Karpathos, Greece
Titania Hotel Karpathos Dimokratias Str., Pigadia, Karpathos Island, Greece


Athinoula Hotel Kefalos Kefalos, Kefalos (Kos), Greece
Denise Apartments Kefalos Kefalos Kefalos Kos Pc 85300, Kos Island Greece, Kefalos (Kos), Greece
Hermes Hotel Kefalos Kefalos, Kefalos (Kos), Greece
Ionikos Hotel Kos Kefalos Kos, Kéfalos, Greece
Kamari Bay Hotel Kefalos Kefalos, , Kefalos (Kos), Greece
Pantheon Studios Hotel Kefalos Kefalos, Kos,Greece, Kefalos (Kos), Greece
Sacallis Aparthotel Kefalos Kefalos, 85312, Kefalos, Kefalos (Kos), Greece
Villa Popi Kefalos Kefalos , Kefalos (Kos), Greece
Zeus Hotel Kefalos Kéfalos, Kéfalos, Greece

Kissamos (Crete)

Sunny Bay Hotel Crete Kasteli Kissamou, Kíssamos, Greece


Alkion Hotel Apartments Kriopigi Kriopigi, , Kriopigi, Greece
Forest Park Hotel Halkidiki Kriopigi, Kriopigi, Greece
Medousa Hotel Kriopigi Kriopigi, Kassandra , Kriopigi, Greece
Paradise Hotel Halkidiki Kriopigi, Kriopigi, Greece
Skentos Aparthotel Kriopigi Kriopigi, , Kriopigi, Greece
Theo Bungalows Hotel Halkidiki Kriopigi, Kriopigi, Greece


Andreolas Beach Hotel Laganas Laganas , Laganas, Greece
Atlantis Hotel Laganas Laganas , Laganas, Greece
California Beach Hotel Laganas Laganas, Laganas, Greece
Castelli Hotel Laganas Agios Sostis, Laganas, Greece
Garden Palace Hotel Laganas Laganas, Laganas, Greece
Ikaros Hotel Laganas Zakynthos, Laganas, Greece
Karras Annex Hotel Laganas Lagana , Laganas, Greece
Mariana Hotel And Studios Laganas Laganas Laganas Greece, Laganas, Greece
Paradise Apartments Laganas Main Road Laganas 574, Laganas, Greece
Perkes Complex Hotel Laganas Laganas, Zakynthos, Laganas, Greece
Portego Hotel Laganas Laganas, Laganas, Greece
Poseidon Beach Hotel Laganas Laganas, Laganas, Greece
Sarakina Apartments Laganas Laganas . Zante, Laganas, Greece
Savvas Aparthotel Laganas Laganas Laganas 29092 Greece, Laganas, Greece
Sunshine Hotel Laganas Laganas; Zakynthos Zante, Laganas, Greece
Teresa Hotel Zakynthos Agios Sostis, Lithakia, Zakynthos Zante, Laganas, Greece
Villa Spiros Laganas Laganas, Laganas, Greece
Zante Plaza Hotel Laganas Laganas, 29100, Laganas, Greece
Zante Plaza Aparthotel Laganas Laganas, Laganas, Greece


Ionian Blue Hotel Lefkada Nikiana, Lefkada Island, Greece
Lefkas Hotel Lefkada P.P. Filippa 2,Lefkada, Lefkada Island, Greece
Lefko Hotel Lefkada Nidri, Lefkada, Greece, Lefkada Island, Greece


Aqua Grand Exclusive Deluxe Resort Lindos Lindos 85107 Rhodes Dodecanese Greece, Lindos (Rhodes), Greece
Erato Apartments Lindos Main Street, Líndos, Greece
Lambis Studios Apartment Lindos Krana, Lindos, 85107, Greece, Lindos (Rhodes), Greece
Lindos Boutique Rooms Lindos, Lindos (Rhodes), Greece
Lindos Harmony Suites Rhodes Lindos, Líndos, Greece
Lindos Mare Hotel Vliha Bay, Lindos (Rhodes), Greece
Lindos Royal Hotel Vlycha Beach, Lindos (Rhodes), Greece
Lindos Sun Hotel Main Street, Líndos, Greece
Lindos View Hotel Lindos , Lindos (Rhodes), Greece
Sunbeach Lindos Hotel Lothiarika Beach, Lardos, Rhodes, Greece, Lindos (Rhodes), Greece
Vassos Apartments Lindos Lindos, Líndos, Greece


Lara Hotel Lourdata Lourdháta, Lourdata, Greece


Akti And Afroditi Hotel Loutraki 5.G. Lekka Street ,Loutraki 20300, Loutraki, Greece
Arion Hotel Loutraki 1, Osiou Patapiou Str ,Loutraki 20300, Loutraki, Greece
Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Poseidonos 48, Loutráki, Greece
Marion Hotel Loutraki 36 Grigoriou Lekka, Loutráki, Greece
Mantas Hotel Loutraki Damaskinou 1 , Loutraki, Greece
Paolo Hotel Loutraki Ethnikis Antistasis 16 Peloponesse, Loutraki, Greece
Pappas Hotel Loutraki Pezoulia, Corinthia, Loutraki, Greece
Poseidon Resort Hotel Loutraki Loutraki, Loutraki, Greece

Malia (Crete)

Aegean Sky Hotel Malia Il. Katsouli 17, Malia (Crete), Greece
Aeolos Beach Hotel Malia Platis Shinos, Malia (Crete), Greece
Carolina Mare Hotel Malia Malia Area, Malia (Crete), Greece
Carolina Mare Hotel Malia Malia Area, Malia (Crete), Greece
Ceratonia Apartment Malia Galatias Kazantzaki, Malia (Crete), Greece
Cretan Malia Park Hotel Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Despina Apartments Malia Emm . Tsagaraki Street, Malia (Crete), Greece
Drossia Palms Hotel - Studios Malia 133 Dimokratias ;, Malia (Crete), Greece
Emerald Hotel Malia Eleytheriou Venizelou 94 ;, Malia (Crete), Greece
Frixos Hotel Malia Vergidon Str ;, Malia (Crete), Greece
Galini Apartments Malia Malia 70007; Crete , Malia (Crete), Greece
Happy Days Studios Hotel Malia Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Happy Days Studios Hotel Malia Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Malia Holidays Hotel 4, Math. Zahariadi St., Mália, Greece
Ibiscus Hotel Malia El. Venizelou 53, Mália, Greece
Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa Malia Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Kernos Beach Hotel Malia Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Kings Village Malia Socratous 5, Malia (Crete), Greece
Kristalli Apartments Malia Pavlou Mela 52, Malia (Crete), Greece
Laplaya Beach Hotel Malia Street Malia-Stalis ;, Malia (Crete), Greece
Malia Bay Beach Hotel & Bungalows Malia Pediados, Malia (Crete), Greece
Malia Mare Hotel Dimokratias 10, Malia (Crete), Greece
Manolis Apartments Malia Grammatikaki 311 Malia 700 07,, Malia (Crete), Greece
Miramare High Beach Annex Hotel Malia Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Mistral Hotel Malia 109 Dimokratias Str , Malia (Crete), Greece
Natali Apartments Malia Malia Crete, Malia (Crete), Greece
Newcastle Studios Hotel Malia Omirou 20, Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Nikos Hotel Malia Malia, Mália, Greece
Pyrgos Beach Apartments Malia Pyrgou, Malia (Crete), Greece
Real Palace Aparthotel Malia 19, Agiou Georgiou Street, Mália, Greece
Royal Heights Resort Malia Pezoula, Malia, Chersonissos, Gr, Malia (Crete), Greece
Silver Sun Aparthotel Malia Minoos Street ; Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Socrates Hotel Malia Beach Road Stalis To Malia , Malia (Crete), Greece
Solimar Ruby Hotel Malia Z. Pigis 11, Mália, Greece
Stelios Residence Apartments Malia Kapetan Kazani 3 Malia, Crete, Greece Malia, Crete, Greece, Malia (Crete), Greece
Stella Maria Apartment Malia Tsagkaraki Street, Mália, Greece
Sunshine Apartments Malia Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Theoni Apartments Malia Eleftheriou Venizelou 179, Mália, Greece
Top Countryline Alexander Beach & Village Malia Mallia Centre 279, Malia (Crete), Greece
Triton Hotel Malia Malia, Crete 70007, Greece, Malia (Crete), Greece
Vergas Studios Malia Hotel Malia,Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Vergina Apartments Malia Emm.Tsagaraki Street Malia, Malia (Crete), Greece
Vergina Hotel Malia Almirolakos , Malia (Crete), Greece
Villa Diasselo Malia Arsinois, Malia, Mália, Greece

Matala (Crete)

Matala Bay Hotel Matala, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, Matala (Crete), Greece


Far Out Village Mylopotas Mylopotas Beach, Mylopotas, Greece


999 Luxury Hotel Nafplio Kokkinou 13, Nafplio, Greece
Aetoma Hotel Nafplio 2 Sq. San. Spiridon, Nafplio, Greece
Agamemnon Hotel Nafplio 3 Akti Miaouli Street Nafplio 21100, Nafplio, Greece
Althaia Pension Nafplio Vassileos Konstantinou 20, Nafplio, Greece
Amalia Nauplia Hotel Amalias Street, Niryns Nafplion 21100 Greece, Nafplio, Greece
Amfitriti Palazzo Hotel Nafplio Potamianou & Fotomara, Nafplio, Greece
Amphitryon Hotel Nafplio Akti Miaouli, Nafplio, Greece
Aroma Guesthouse Nafplio Kapodistriou 24, Nafplio, Greece
Byron Hotel Nafplio Platonos 2, Nafplio, Greece
Deves Hotel Nafplio Argous 50, Nafplio, Greece
Dias Hotel Nafplio Papanikolaou & Moytzouridou 24 , Nafplio, Greece
Grande Bretagne Hotel Nafplio Fillelinon Square , Nafplio, Greece
Elena Hotel Nafplio Sidiras Merarchias 31, Nafplio, Greece
Elena Hotel Nafplio Sidiras Merarchias 31, Nafplio, Greece
Hotel Rex Nafplio 21 Bouboulinas Street., Nafplio, Greece
Ippoliti Hotel Nafplio Aristidou Ilia Miniati 9, Nafplio, Greece
Isioni Pension Nafplio Papanikolaou 23, Nafplio, Greece
Kyveli Suites Nafplio Vas. Alexandrou 18-20, Nafplio, Greece
Palazzo Rooms & Suites Nafplio Zygomala & Farmakopoulou, Nafplio, Greece
Pension Dafni Nafplio 10, Fotomara, Nafplio, Greece
Rex Hotel Nafplio Bouboulinas 21, Nafplio, Greece
Victoria Hotel Nafplio Spiliadou 3 Nafplio, Nafplio, Greece
Xennon Inn Nafplio Syntagma Square, Nafplio, Greece


Delfini Hotel Naxos-Chora Agios Georgios Region, Naxos City, Greece
Galini Hotel Naxos-Chora Agios Georgios, Naxos Chora, Greece
Coronis Hotel Naxos Protopapadaki Str., Naxos Chora, Greece
Korali Hotel Naxos-Chora Agios Georgios, Naxos City, Greece
Spiros Aparthotel Naxos-Chora Agios Georgios, Naxos Chora, Greece

Neos Marmaras

Ariadni Blue Neos Marmaras Neos Marmaras, Néos Marmarás, Greece
Hotel Petunia Neos Marmaras Neos Marmaras, Néos Marmarás, Greece
Kelyfos Hotel Neos Marmaras Main Road, Néos Marmarás, Greece


Deliades Hotel Ornos Ornos Bay - Mykonos, Ornos (Mykonos), Greece
Dionysos Resort Hotel Ornos Ornos Beach Mykonos Town 84600 Greece, Ornos (Mykonos), Greece
Ornos Beach Hotel Ornos Bay, 84600 Ornos Bay Mykonos, Mykonos, Greece, Ornos (Mykonos), Greece
Ornos Blue Hotel Ornos , Ornos (Mykonos), Greece


Akis Apartments Paleokastritsa Alipa Area, Paleokastritsa, Greece
Akrotiri Beach Paleokastritsa Main Street, Paleokastritsa, Greece
Arianna Apartments Paleokastritsa Paleokastritsa 49083, Greece, Paleokastritsa, Greece
Maria Studios Aparthotel Paleokastritsa Paleokastritsa,Corfu, Paleokastritsa, Greece
Odysseus Hotel Paleokastritsa Main Street, Paleokastritsa, Greece


Cosmopolitan Hotel & Spa Paralia Beach Road, Paralia Katerinis, Greece
Avra Hotel Katerini Agiou Nikolaou 11, Paralia Katerinis, Greece
Regina Mare Hotel Paralia Agias Paraskeuis 1, Paralia Katerinis, Greece
Strass Hotel Paralia Agias Paraskevis 7, Paralia, Greece


Acropol Hotel Parga Agion Apostolon 4 48060 Parga , Parga, Greece
Adams Hotel Parga Parga, Párga, Greece
Bella Vista Hotel Parga Lichnos , Parga, Greece
Maistrali Hotel Parga 4 Riga Feraiou, 00000, Parga, Parga, Greece
Palatino Hotel Parga 40, Patatoukou str., Párga, Greece
Parga Beach Hotel Chrissogiali/Parga/Preveza/Epirus/, Parga, Greece
Parga Princess Aparthotel Valtos Parga, Parga, Greece
Racconto Boutique Design Hotel Parga Parga ;, Parga, Greece
Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel Parga Kyperi, Párga, Greece
Villa Coralli Parga Agiou Athanasiou 7, Párga, Greece


Argo Hotel Paros Parikia Parikia, Parikia (Paros), Greece
Argo Hotel Paros Parikia Parikia, Parikia (Paros), Greece
Paros Agnanti Hotel Parikia Krios Beach, Parikia (Paros), Greece


Alia Palace Hotel Pefkohori Pefkohori Pefkohori 63085 Greece, Pefkohori, Greece
Anna Maria Hotel Pefkohori Main Road, Pefkohori, Greece
Aeollos Aparthotel Halkidiki Pefkohori, Pefkohori, Greece
Ioli Village Pefkohori Pefkohori , Pefkohori, Greece
Kapsohora Inn Pefkohori Pefkohori, Pefkohori, Greece
Marabou Hotel Pefkohori Beach Road Pefkohori, Pefkohori, Greece
Pelli Hotel Pefkohori Pefkohori Main Street, Pefkohori, Greece


Ilyssion Hotel Pefkos Pefkos, Pefkos, Greece
Island Blue Hotel Pefkos Main Street, Pefki Rhodes, Greece
Matina Pefkos Aparthotel Main Street, Pefki Rhodes, Greece
Pefkos Village Resort Main Street, Pefki Rhodes, Greece


Aqua Blue Hotel Perissa Perissa, Po Box 121, Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Aretousa Villas Perissa Main Street, Perissa, Greece
Atlantis Beach Villa Perissa Main Street, Perivolos, Greece
Atlantis Beach Villa Perissa Main Street, Perivolos, Greece
Marianna Hotel Perissa Perissa, Perissa, Greece
Princess Santorini Villa Perissa Perissa, Perissa, Greece
Samson'S Village Perissa Perissa - Santorini , Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Santa Irini Hotel Perissa Main Street, Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Santo Miramare Hotel Perissa Perivolos, Santorini Island, Santorini Island, Cyc, Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Smaragdi Hotel Santorini Perivolos Perissa, Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Veggera Hotel Perissa Perissa Area, Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Villa Anemomilos Santorini Perissa, Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Villa Georgia Perissa Perissa, Perissa (Santorini), Greece
Villa Voula Perissa Beach, Perissa, Greece
Zorzis Hotel Perissa Perissa , Perissa (Santorini), Greece


Honeymoon Beach Apartments Perivolos Main Street, Perivolos, Greece

Plakias (Crete)

Lamon Hotel Plakias Plakias, Plakiás, Greece
Porto Plakias Hotel Plakias, Plakiás, Greece

Platanias (Crete)

Katerina Seaside Studios Aparthotel Crete Platanias, Chania, Plataniás, Greece
Marika Hotel Platanias Platanias, Plataniás, Greece
Grecosunotels Sunrise Village Crete Kambos Platanias , Platanias, Greece

Platis Yalos

Palladium Hotel Mykonos Platis Yalos Platys Gialos Beach, Po Box 7100, Platis Yialos (Mykonos), Greece
Petasos Beach Resort & Spa Platis Yalos Platys Yalos, Platis Yialos (Mykonos), Greece
Zephyros Hotel Platis Yalos Paraga Beach, Mykonos - P.O. Box 45, Platis Yialos (Mykonos), Greece


Niki'S Village Poros Perlia, Poros Island, Greece
Saga Hotel & Studios Poros Kanali Beach Neorio Poros Saronic Islands, Poros Island, Greece
Sirene Blue Resort Poros Monastiri, Poros, Greece
Xenia Poros Image Hotel Neorio, Poros Island, Greece


Blue Horizon Apartments Samos Votsalakia, Samos Island, Greece
Doryssa Seaside Resort Samos Main Street, Pythagóreion, Greece
Arion Hotel Samos Kokkari , Samos Island, Greece
Hotel Olympia Village Samos Kokkari 83100 , Samos Island, Greece
Proteas Blu Resort Samos Main Street, Pythagóreion, Greece
Samos Bay Hotel By Gagou Beach Gagou Beach, Samos Island, Greece
Samos Sun Hotel Pythagorion - Potokaki , Samos Island, Greece


Adrina Resort & Spa Skopelos Panormos Skopelos, Panormos Skopelos, Greece
Aeolos Hotel Skopelos Skopelos, Skopelos Town, Greece
Alkistis Aparthotel Skopelos Skopelos, Skopelos Island, Greece
Alkistis Aparthotel Skopelos Skopelos, Skopelos Island, Greece
Blue Suites Hotel Skopelos Panormos , Panormos (Skopelos), Skopelos, Skope, Greece
Dionyssos Hotel Skopelos Main Street, Skopelos Town, Greece
Elios Holidays Hotel Skopelos Panormou-Loutrakiou , Skopelos Island, Greece
Ionia Hotel Skopelos Skopelos Town, Skopelos Island, Greece
Panormos Beach Hotel Skopelos Panormos Beach, Skopelos Island, Greece
Rigas Aparthotel Skopelos Skopelos Town, Skopelos Island, Greece
Skopelos Holiday Resort & Spa Skopelos , Skopelos Island, Greece
Skopelos Holiday Resort & Spa Skopelos , Skopelos Island, Greece
Skopelos Village Skopelos Town, Skopelos Town, Greece
Sunrise Village Hotel Skopelos Skopelos Magnisias Skopelos Port, Skopelos Island, Greece


Hotel Roumani Spetses Dapia Town, Spetses Town, Spetses Island,, Spetses Island, Greece
Orloff Resort Spetses Palio Limani , Spétses, Greece

Stalis (Crete)

Irilena Apartments Stalis Stalis, Crete, , Heraklion, Stalida (Crete), Greece
Katrin Hotel And Bungalows Stalis Irinis 66, Stalis Crete Greece 700, 07, Greece, Stalida (Crete), Greece
Koni Village Hotel - Apartments Crete Stalida, Stalida (Crete), Greece
Latania Studios & Apartments Stalis Beach Road, Stalida (Crete), Greece
Meropi Hotel Stalis Malia Malia 70007 Greece, Stalida (Crete), Greece
Neon Hotel Stalis Nik. Grammatikaki Street, Stalida (Crete), Greece
Smartline Kyknos Beach Hotel & Bungalows Stalis Beach Road , Stalida (Crete), Greece
Sunshine Studios & Apartments Stalis Kanavos 2, Stalida (Crete), Greece

Stalos (Crete)

Esperides Hotel Apartments Stalos Stalos, Stalos, Greece
Pegasus Hotel Crete Makraki 12 , Stalos, Greece


Dorian Apartment Symi Sými, Symi, Greece
Iapetos Village Symi Main Street, Symi, Greece
Opera House Aparthotel Symi Symi Dodecanesse, Symi, Greece
Pedi Beach Hotel Symi Pedi-Symi, 85600 Simi Island Of Rhodes, Symi, Greece


Aktaion Hotel Nafplio Aktis 58 , Tolón, Greece
Asteria Hotel Tolon 8 Karaiskaki street, Tolón, Greece
Dolphin Hotel Tolon Aktis Street 50, Tolo, Greece
Flisvos Hotel Tolon Bouboulinas Street 13 , Tolo, Greece
Frini Hotel Tolon 21, E. Sekeri str., Tolón, Greece
Apollon Hotel Tolon Somerset 14, Rio, Peloponnese, Pelop, Greece
Hotel Aris Tolon 28 Aktis Tolo, Tolo, Greece
Hotel Solon Tolon Bouboulinas 5, Tolón, Greece
John & George Hotel Tolon Vas Hali Street 8, Tolo, Greece
King Minos Hotel Tolon Miaouli 6, Tolón, Greece
Minoa Hotel Tolon 56, Aktis Str., Tolón, Greece
Panorama Hotel Tolon Aghia Kyriaki 2, Tolo, Greece
Panorama Hotel Tolon Aghia Kyriaki 2, Tolo, Greece
Panorama Hotel Tolon Aghia Kyriaki 2, Tolo, Greece
Paradise Lost Aparthotel Tolon 12 A.Skalidi str., Tolón, Greece
Tolon Holidays Hotel Diovouniotou Str. 2 , Tolo, Greece


Al Mare Hotel Tsilivi Tsilivi Planou, Tsilivi, Greece
Alexandra Beach Hotel And Bungalows Tsilivi Tsilivi, Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Andreolas Luxury Suites Zakynthos Tsilivi Beach, Tsilivi, Greece
Anetis Beach Hotel Tsilivi Tsilivi , Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Apollon Hotel Tsilivi Tsilivi , Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Azure Villas Tsilivi Zante Tsilivi , Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Balcony Hotel Tsilivi Tsilivi, Tsilivi, Greece
Balcony Hotel Zante Tsilivi Tsilivi, Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Caravel Hotel Zante Tsilivi Tsilivi, Tsilivi, Greece
Filoxenia Hotel Zakynthos Tsilivi Tsilivi, 291 00, Zakynthos, Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Lazaros Hotel Apartments Tsilivi Main Street, Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Mamfredas Resort Tsilivi . Zante, Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Petros Hotel Tsilivi Tsilivi,Zante, Zakynthos 29100,Greece, Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Plaza Pallas Hotel Tsilivi Tsilivi, Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Sole E Mare Apartments Tsilivi Tsilivi , Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece
Strofades Hotel Tsilivi Planos-Tsilivi Zakynthos 29100, Greece , Tsilivi (Zakynthos), Greece


Ekies All Senses Resort Vourvourou Vourvourou, Vourvourou, Greece
Hotel Rema Vourvourou Vourvourou, Vourvourou, Greece